Orthogonal Array package

The full source code for the package is available from https://github.com/eendebakpt/oapackage. Documentation is automatically generated at oapackage.readthedocs.io.

The Python interface from the OA package can be downloaded from the Python Package Index. To install the package using pip type the following from the command line:

>>> pip install OApackage

The command line tools are available as binary package or as source code from https://github.com/eendebakpt/oapackage. Some older versions of the code are listed below:

If you make use of the software included in the package or results on this website, please cite the following paper: Complete Enumeration of Pure-Level and Mixed-Level Orthogonal Arrays, Journal of Combinatorial Designs, Volume 18, Issue 2, pages 123-140, 2010.